Brisbane Bathroom Renovations: 6 Reasons to Not Go DIY



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We’ve all seen the home improvement shows that make it seem like anybody can take charge of their own home renovation. It may seem like a great idea, and an excellent way to save money, but many traps are waiting to trip you up when you decide to DIY.

The tradespeople you see on TV are trained professionals with decades of experience, so of course they can make everything look easy. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t be worth their considerable salary package.

We’ve been working in the Brisbane bathroom renovation space for a good while now ourselves, and we occasionally get to witness first-hand the horrors that await you when your DIY project doesn’t go as planned. Here are a few of the most common pitfalls and why DIY might not be the best idea you’ve had.

1. It can end up costing more

Your bathroom reno might look great on the surface, but what about the plumbing and electrical work underneath the panelling and tiles? Is the plumbing up to code, or is there a chance of a leak and unseen moisture rotting your timber framework?

Anywhere your bathroom renovation fails to live up to Australian standards is a potentially expensive repair job waiting to surprise you months or years down the track.

2. Project management is stressful

Coordinating all the different trades that go into a bathroom renovation is a challenging job best left to the trained professionals. The work should be able to progress at a steady pace; otherwise, you could be left without a working bathroom for months while you wait for an available time slot.

Good tradies are hard to find, and sometimes they can be booked out weeks in advance. A bathroom renovator will have everyone they need on the books and will be able to coordinate the job, so it gets done with minimal disruption to your life.

3. DIY does not come with a guarantee

When you only use trained professionals, not only will you get a bathroom that works as expected, but you will also have guarantees in the unlikely event of problems. There are no such guarantees with a DIY renovation, and anything that goes wrong and needs repairing will come out of your pocket.

4. Qualifications matter

Tradies don’t get their qualifications if they can’t show a certain standard of performance at their chosen trade, and this is important when it comes to bathroom renovations. Bathrooms are perhaps the most complex room of the house, and mistakes can cause needless heartache and expense. It’s for this reason we recommend you always choose trained, experienced professionals.

5. You could be putting your life in danger

Bathrooms have water and electricity close to each other. We probably don’t have to tell you the dangers of mixing water and electricity. It’s extremely dangerous for a homeowner to tackle these areas themselves as it puts them at risk of a home fire, electrocution during installation, and electrocution after installation due to faulty wiring or plumbing.

6. The benefits of working with a bathroom renovation expert

Don’t put your bathroom, yourself, or your family at risk with a DIY bathroom renovation. The bathroom remodeling specialists at Relianzi have the tools, experience, and training you can take advantage of, to create a safe bathroom that looks fantastic and will last for years to come.

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