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We believe you shouldn't have to compromise on what you are looking for. Our process makes sure you can build what you want and our guarantees make sure you won't get stuck with a bathroom you aren't truly happy with.

We work with and offer a wide range of modern bathroom styles, and we love doing custom work. You can begin exploring our styling options here. Find something perfect for your home!

If you are not sure where to start, book a free no-obligation dream bathroom consultation with one of our experienced consultants and we’ll walk you through the process.

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Fixed Price Contracts


We let you know exactly how much your renovation will cost from day one.

Unbeatable Warranties


We include two warranties that smash the industry standard.

100% Building Completion Guarantee


We will pay you up to $50 a day for every day that your bathroom renovation is late.

One on One Contact


You won't be dealing with teams of people. You'll have one reliable point of contact.

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I was put on to Relianzi by another tradesman I often used. I was really happy with the quality of Sean’s work, what he delivered, his prompt call to action and the fact that he actually makes me look good at my job, because I am only as good as the people I’ve got working for me. Sean definitely delivers every time I ask him to look at a property, give his recommendations on what is required and to offer the owner the best value for the money that they are willing to invest. Sean has always worked above and beyond my expectations and I can happily leave Sean to complete a job without having to micro-manage him and I know when I go and do the final inspection, I am going to be really pleased with the results and in turn the owners are actually going to be really pleased as well. I would happily recommend Sean to anyone that is looking for quality workmanship and someone who takes pride in their work as well.

Mia Davis


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Relianzi bathrooms are designed to last. We have a wide range of bathroom styles that can be perfectly tailored to you and your family's needs, wants and desires. Browse our quality selection and find a bathroom to suit you now!
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