Modern Bathroom Renovation Styles

Our Favorite 2020 Examples

Hamptons? Nordic? Minimalist? Black and white?  A bathroom that increases the value of your Brisbane property? Look no further, we can help you get it right from start to end.

Nordic Bathrooms

Beautiful. Creative. Functional. Nordic bathroom design is about combining practicality with comfort.

Minimalist, pared-back design, clean lines and light finishes make it perfect for creating the illusion of space, no matter what the bathroom size.

To bring your own personality into the design, add some splashes of colour with accessories or add a statement feature, such as a boldly coloured tile splashback.

Nature is at the very soul of Scandinavian design, and Nordic bathroom design is no exception. Think wooden vanity sets, organic materials and plenty of leafy greenery to breathe life into the space.

Hamptons Bathroom

Crisp. Elegant. Classic. The Hamptons Style Bathroom is an oasis of peace in your otherwise busy world.

With an emphasis on maximising space, the Hamptons bathroom style combines a mixture of timber construction, glossy tiles, matte surfaces and chromed tapware to create a bathroom that feels light and airy while remaining warm and welcoming.

The neutral palette lends itself beautifully to any accent colours you want to add, making it possible to totally change the look of the bathroom from season to season with nothing more than new soft furnishings and accessories.

Imagine a lazy Sunday afternoon, sunlight pouring through the large feature window as you sink back in your classic freestanding tub to enjoy some ‘me time’ in the serene ambience of your brand new bathroom. That’s what’s possible with the Hamptons Style Bathroom.

Black And White Bathrooms

Sleek and sophisticated, the black and white bathroom is a true chameleon – the minimal monochromatic palette allows you to bring your bathroom to life, adding personality with pops of your favourite colour in the form of accessories and soft furnishings.

See yourself walking into your clean, chic bathroom first thing in the morning, sunshine accentuating the crisp lines and adding an energetic boost that will help set you up for the day ahead as you step into the hot shower.

Black and white. So seemingly simple, and yet anything you want it to be.Elegant. Understated. Timeless. Black and white bathroom renovations add an unmistakable air of sophistication to any home.

Day Spa Bathroom

Sumptuous. Beautiful. Relaxing. Day Spa Bathrooms are built for elegance.

Soothing curved lines. Soft lighting. Natural materials. Day spa bathrooms are all about spoiling yourself; whether you’re de-stressing after a long day or treating yourself to some luxury before the start of a new one, the focus is all on you.

With an abundance of organic shapes and textures, the peaceful symmetry of Day spa bathrooms is designed to minimise visual and mental distractions, resting both the eyes and the mind.

Picture yourself sinking down into the unashamed decadence of your oversized, freestanding bathtub surrounded by gently flickering candlelight. Add in the gentle serenity of leafy green plants and the soothing warmth radiating from the underfloor heating and you have a recipe for relaxation that will dissolve the stresses of even the most difficult days.

Coastal Style Bathrooms

Clean. Fresh. Classic. A coastal style bathroom ties together traditional themes ands adds a nautical twist. Think starfish on a classical vanity.

Perfect for the beachside cottage. Coastal style bathrooms are light and airy - trying to incorporate as much natural light as possible. Using nautical colors (light blues, greens and classic white for the fixtures.

The kind of bathroom that gets a little sandy, makes you think refreshing and never goes out of style.

Hopefully this selection of styles will help you decide on the kind of bathroom you are looking to build for your next renovation. Now if you are looking to take the next steps, and you want more information on making your dream bathroom a reality, please contact us below. Our team speciliazes in bathroom renovations and would love to help you design and build your perfect bathroom.

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