Small Bathroom Renovation Tips – 3 Ways to Increase Space



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Tackling a small bathroom may seem like a big challenge. However, there are creative ways you can tackle a small bathroom design to add space where before you thought there wasn’t any.

Here are just three ideas you can use to get you thinking about how to add form and function and avoid the clutter in your bathroom.

1. Small bathroom storage ideas

Rather than cram your bathroom full of cabinets for storage space, approach the problem from a different angle.

Floating shelves will give you more storage space for a fashionable modern look as well. The open nature of the trays also creates the illusion of a more open area.

Try going up and along the wall with wooden boxes that can be stacked or drilled onto the wall for extra space. A sink skirt is an attractive way to hide a small open cabinet or basket.

2. Get rid of the bathtub

It’s nice to have the bath as an option, but when space is at a premium, is it worth it for the one or two times you use it every month? Get rid of the tub and replace it with a large double shower. It’s the best way to give yourself some extra elbow room.

Frameless glass shower doors also look fantastic and are an excellent option for making the bathroom feel roomier. Plus, they are a great way to show off your excellent taste in tiling.

3. Use the space behind the door

The space behind the bathroom door is often wasted, especially in small bathrooms. There never seems to be enough towel space, especially for growing families, but behind the bathroom door is the perfect out of the way location for extra towels.

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