Day Spa Style Bathrooms Renovations In Brisbane

When it comes to sumptuous and beautiful bathroom renovations, Day Spa Bathrooms are top of the list.

Soothing curved lines. Soft lighting. Natural materials. Day spa bathrooms are all about spoiling yourself; whether you’re de-stressing after a long day or treating yourself to some luxury before the start of a new one, the focus is all on you.

With an abundance of organic shapes and textures, the peaceful symmetry of Day spa bathrooms is designed to minimise visual and mental distractions, resting both the eyes and the mind.

Picture yourself sinking down into the unashamed decadence of your oversized, freestanding bathtub surrounded by gently flickering candlelight. Add in the gentle serenity of leafy green plants and the soothing warmth radiating from the underfloor heating and you have a recipe for relaxation that will dissolve the stresses of even the most difficult days.

Day Spa Bathrooms should include:

A sense of calm.

Day Spa Bathrooms emphasise organic shapes; curved edges on freestanding tubs and furniture, smooth stone floors and timber walls. Soft woods and a light colour palette – tawny hues, browns, soft greens and blues – are used to help soften any hard edges.

A touch of nature. Green leafy plants and plentiful light will bring a calming influence to your bathroom. Add some old distressed timber furniture to give a rustic touch.

Warmth. Bring a touch of cosy luxury to the bathroom by adding some underfloor heating or heated towel racks.