Hampton's Style Bathrooms Renovations In Brisbane

Crisp. Elegant. Classic.

The Hamptons Style Bathroom is an oasis of peace in your otherwise busy world.

Originally created for coastal houses on Long Island, the Hamptons bathroom design is as fresh now as ever, and translates exceedingly well to the Brisbane climate. With an emphasis on maximising space, the Hamptons bathroom style combines a mixture of timber construction, glossy tiles, matte surfaces and chromed tapware to create a bathroom that feels light and airy while remaining warm and welcoming.

The neutral palette lends itself beautifully to any accent colours you want to add, making it possible to totally change the look of the bathroom from season to season with nothing more than new soft furnishings and accessories.

Imagine a lazy Sunday afternoon, sunlight pouring through the large feature window as you sink back in your classic freestanding tub to enjoy some ‘me time’ in the serene ambience of your brand new bathroom.

That’s what’s possible with the Hamptons Style Bathroom. The Hamptons Style Bathroom renovation should include:Space.

Even the smallest area can be made to feel roomy and uncluttered through the use of floating or free standing furniture.

High ceilings and large feature windows add to the airiness of any bathroom.

Natural materials. Wood framing and panelling, marble features and china accessories all combine to create a classy look that doesn’t age.

Warm colours. Classic off-whites, light greys and pastels are brought to life with the use of dark highlights – such as blacks and navy blues.