Nordic Style Bathrooms Renovations In Brisbane

Beauty. Creativity. Functionality.

Nordic bathroom design is about combining practicality with comfort. Minimalist, pared-back design, clean lines and light finishes make it perfect for creating the illusion of space, no matter what the bathroom size.

To bring your own personality into the design, add some splashes of colour with accessories or add a statement feature, such as a boldly coloured tile splashback.

Nature is at the very soul of Scandinavian design, and Nordic bathroom design is no exception. Think wooden vanity sets, organic materials and plenty of leafy greenery to breathe life into the space. Another crucial element in Nordic bathroom design is that it should create a feeling of ‘hygge’ – an overwhelming sense of contentment and cosiness. This is where adding touches that celebrate your individual personality is so critical.

Above all, your bathroom should be a reflection of who you are.The freeform nature of Nordic bathroom design allows for the ultimate in enjoyment of the space you have created. Picture standing under your wide-headed shower, with a cascade of steaming water raining down over you. Then look around your sanctuary of comfort and feel the contentment created by the light reflecting gently off soft timber finishes and lush greenery, while a scented candle flickers gently in the background.

Nordic bathroom design should include:

Functional, open plan design. Everything in the bathroom should have a place and a purpose, keeping clutter to a minimum.

Minimalist design. Keep it light with a colour palette of whites, neutrals and natural wood finishes. White fixtures will add a subdued elegance. However, don’t be afraid to throw in a playful contrast to reflect your personality.

Organic elements. Bring nature inside by using wooden accessories matched to floating wooden vanity tops and furniture. Keep metals and plastics to a minimum, unless they are a single feature item. Use well-placed leafy plants to help add natural greens to the colour scheme.