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We offer full bathroom renovation services in Brisbane. But. Sometimes you already know what you want. You've done your research. Hours on Pinterest. Hours on Houzz. You know what you want. Now we can help you build it.

If you’ve already scoured the bathroom shops and Pinterest and know exactly what you want, but need bathroom reno contractors to complete the remodelling for you?

Then look no further. As licensed bathroom contractors, and self titled Brisbane's bathroom experts, we are able to bring your design to life and make your new dream bathroom a reality. We’ll discuss your ideas, make suggestions and finalise the design for you, then liaise with the building team to transform your creativity into a high-quality bathroom build using the fittings and fixtures you select.

Its easy to start. Get blown away by our guarantees, and then give us a call!

We Have Unbelievable Guarantees
We take customer satisfaction seriously. So seriously that we offer the best guarantees in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your process like?

We make everything as upfront and easy as possible for you. We start with an initial consultation and quote. Before you sign anything we make sure you not only have a clear idea of the exact scope of work, but also the dates and prices. Once you are 100% satisfied we start the renovation work. And after the work is completed we finish with two full inspections of the bathroom. We focus on making sure you are 100% satisfied at every step.

Can you assist me in the design process?

Of course! Many clients have a clear vision of what they want their new bathroom to look like including styles, layout etc. But not everyone does. Because we are specialists with years experience our interior designers can help you work and select with every aspect of your bathroom - all the way down to the tiles!

How long do renovations take?

Depending on the size of the job our typical renovation is completed within just 14 - 28 days!

What is a fixed price guarantee?

Before we ever start any of the renovations work we will present you with an exact scope of work including costs. You wont have to worry about inflating construction costs - you'll know how long the job will take and exactly how much it will cost before we ever start working.

What kind of warranties do you offer?

All of our work is covered by a full 12-month cosmetic warranty, which is double the currently industry standard of 6 months. You are also fully covered by a 7-year structural warranty. These warranties begin at handover of your new bathroom.